Shirley and David Johnson

My wife and I first used the services of Bruner Plumbing in 1985 when we installed a new kitchen.
Since then we have found Bruner Plumbing to be very reliable and prompt. Ward is a real pro and
a very pleasant person to deal with and has become a good friend. It is our pleasure to recommend
Bruner Plumbing to you.

Heather and Ken Eagon

Ward Bruner and his crew are always speedy on the job. Recently, my husband had an
appendicitis attack, which took us to hospital emergency. As we were leaving our home,
I happened to notice a toilet leaking, needing immediate attention. I called Bruner Plumbing.
While we were gone, they came to our home, replaced the part, and saved us from a potential
catastrophe! Bruner Plumbing is trustworthy, reliable and the products they recommend work.
Thank you Bruner!

Michael and Eleanor Weinstock

My wife and I recently did an extensive remodel of all bathrooms and the kitchen of our home. The
remodel required extensive plumbing services. We chose Bruner Plumbing to handle the task and
we were glad we did as their work was very professional, competitively priced and accomplished
in a timely manner. Ward, the head Bruner, has been in the plumbing business for decades and
is great to deal with, and we especially enjoyed working also with Ward’s son, Ian. . .Bruner Plumbing is a dynamic and energetic company which I highly recommend to handle your plumbing needs.

Carol McCarthy

I consider myself very lucky to have had such a great experience with Bruner Plumbing. Ward came to the house within an hour of my call and while there wasn’t anything fun about having limited water over Labor Day weekend, they were at my house first thing on Tuesday – and the new pipe was in by lunch time and the water back on. After getting back to normal from my Labor Day plumbing experience, I had to call on Bruner Plumbing the day before Thanksgiving! I called and had expected to wait until at least the Friday after Thanksgiving or possibly later, but Ward made a point to come out Wednesday afternoon and fixed the leaking toilet. He told me he didn’t think it was fair to ask me to wait until after the holiday! How many people know a plumber like that? Everyone was a delight to work with and I would be happy to tell anyone who needs a plumber – these are your people!

Bill McConaughy

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ward for most of my life. There is a good reason that everyone who meets Ward and his crew raves about them. Plain and simple, Ward is a winner. Ward has always been the guy you want on your team AND he is an exceptionally fine plumber. More important to me is that Ward is also a great manager. That is reflected in the outstanding group of professional craftsmen at Bruner Plumbing. His team of experts are the kinds of people you can call on not only to repair your plumbing or install the latest and greatest fixtures but you can leave the keys under the mat and trust them to get the job done and treat your home like it’s their own.

Steve Wanke

I recently had Bruner Plumbing in my home to install a hot water recirculating system to my upstairs master bath. Even though that installation seems to be a fairly complicated process the Bruner team completed the task in one day and I hardly even noticed they were here. The timing on the project couldn’t have been more perfect. Part of the installation required one of the team members to move my washing machine in order to access some hidden plumbing. Good thing! He discovered a bubble about to burst on the water supply line to the washer. He immediately changed the supply hose.

Thanks, Ward Bruner! It’s so nice to now have instant hot water to my upstairs bath and a big thank you for saving me from some possible major flooding! Oh yeah, I appreciate that not once did I experience the famed “plumber’s crack” from either of your team members!

Thank you for your kind words. We’re committed to doing things right, and we love to hear from our customers (kind words or not!) Tell us about your Bruner experience.

Ward Bruner

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