If your home is older than, say, early punk rock, then the chances are good that it was built with iron water pipes – which means you risk everything from small inconveniences to major disasters. Give us a call or email. We are happy to help.

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Why Repipe?

Positive Selling Point for your Home
No More Strange Noisy Pipes
Great Water Pressure
Clean, Clear Water
No More Leaks
Lifetime Guarantee

Is your water flow low? Are your faucets often blocked by rust and metal particles? When you turn the water off or on do your pipes sound like a monkey playing with your pots and pans? If you don’t use a faucet for a while, when you turn it back on does the water come out the color of well-brewed Earl Gray? When you’re taking a shower and someone else turns on the kitchen sink, do you suddenly start sympathizing with lobsters? We can fix all of that.

Why repipe showing corrosion

Your biggest risk with old pipes is the sudden leak that soaks half the house. Those are rare—but why live in fear? Let us affordably and expertly re-pipe your house with advanced PEX (it’s corrosion and leak-resistant, safer than iron, and cost-effective) and your water will work like it should, everywhere in your home–all the time.

We’ll work carefully with your needs and your budget to bring your home’s plumbing into the 21st century, and we’ll do it with environmentally responsible materials. As a result, your home will be more valuable, more comfortable and even a little safer. Who knew pipes could give you all that, plus some needed peace of mind.

I own a 100 year old house that Bruner Plumbing just repiped. I got proposals from 3 plumbers and I am so glad I went with Bruner Plumbing. Ward is very thorough and reasonably priced. The water was turned back on each evening and Ward and Joe tried to minimize any inconvenience. When the job was finished they checked all my existing faucets, took apart and repaired the ones that they weren’t happy with and made sure I was totally satisfied. They are very honest and great to work with.