Home Maintenance & Restoration

If you were driving a 30-year-old car, you wouldn’t be surprised when it needed a little work. Many of us live in and love houses that are, shall we say, vintage. And Bruner Plumbing can bring those vintage homes into the future when it comes to optimizing the way the water works. Making your lives easier and more comfortable is what we do.

  • Re-piping and water service replacement
  • Flow and pressure optimization
  • Water conservation
  • Winterization

Bruner Plumbing can bring vintage homes into the future when it comes to optimizing the way water works.

Re-piping your home is one of the first steps in remodeling. Steel pipes might last 50 years, if you’re lucky, but through the decades they get steadily rustier, more plugged up and more fragile. Replacing the pipes with PEX will restore good, clean water flow and pressure throughout your home.

If your house was built more than 15 or 20 years ago, the designers and builders probably didn’t give a lot of thought to water conservation—but it’s a vital issue today, even here in rainy Oregon. We can upgrade the systems in your home to use water wisely and well.

Keeping your interior and exterior drains clear and well draining, can save you a lot of hassle and money, not to mention thoroughly nasty situations.

While Oregon isn’t exactly the Yukon, winterizing your plumbing is one of those affordable, ounce-of-prevention, kind of things we can help you do.

Bruner Plumbing brings a generation of experience and artistry to your next project.

My husband and I have been customers of Bruner Plumbing for at least twenty years and enthusiastically recommend the company. We know that we can always count on Ward and his team of friendly, courteous employees to give us a fair deal and high quality work. Ward doesn’t take advantage of those of us who don’t know a ball valve from a hose bib. On more than one occasion, he has coached us through a simple fix on the phone, saving us the cost of a service visit. Knowing you have a plumber you can trust is all-important whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or are in the midst of an emergency.

Susanna C. Kuo