About Us

We are a family owned business established in Portland, Oregon, in 1985. Our family has lived in Oregon for generations and we love it here! We pride ourselves on quality work and happy customers. Most of our work comes via word of mouth from our network of customers and builders, some of whom we have worked with since the beginning. Ward passed the torch (well, more like a wrench) to his son, Ian, around 2015, and Ian has continued our tradition of helping people and taking pride in what we do. If you haven’t heard of us, your friends or neighbors probably have. Look for our black trucks with the copper “B.”

Ward Bruner

Ward Bruner

Founder and Chief Pipe Whisperer

I was born in Portland – yep, I’m a native – and I played football at Grant High School as well as Portland State. I played linebacker, but I could have been a decent fullback if they’d ever given me the ball! I did a tour in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era, then came back and graduated from the University of Oregon. I’m still a big Duck fan! Starting the solar water heater division of a Portland company became my roundabout way into plumbing. Bruner Plumbing was founded in 1985, and the first year was a struggle as the economy was in the commode. But we made it and began to grow every year. I think what gets us through the down times is that we’ve built a reputation for top quality materials and treat-it-like-it’s-our-own-house service. I enjoy the challenges and the mechanical aspects of plumbing, and I like helping people make their homes more comfortable. For fun, I enjoy sailing and traveling around the world. I’m a big-time motor head, so I get out and drive my Corvette whenever I can – at legal speeds, of course.

Ian Bruner

Journeyman Plumber and Son of the Chief Pipe Whisperer

I take great pride in my job because I get to bring the luxury and convenience of clean, usable water into people’s lives. I meet interesting people every day and many of them introduce me to new things to enjoy about life. I love to have fun whenever possible and in the great Northwest there are year-round opportunities. My favorites are snowboarding, sailing and riding my motorcycle on some of the best roads in the world! 

Chris Hughes

Journeyman Plumber

One of the things I enjoy most about plumbing is meeting interesting people – even when it isn’t under the best of circumstances. I like solving problems, the more complicated the better. Although my wife and I are happily married with three wonderful kids, sometimes working in an old crawl space makes for a nice quiet break!

Vickie Bruner

CFO/Dispatcher, Bon Vivant

Being the traffic director at Bruner Plumbing keeps things interesting! It feels good to send friendly, qualified people out to help those who need our expertise and to know that Ward has been doing just that for nearly three decades. When he first started the company I used to do the payroll…who knew I’d get involved again after all these years…but enough about plumbing. Did I mention that we love to travel?

The Bruner Plumbing crew is consistently on time and prepared for the job and they waste no time in getting the job done right. Their communication is thoughtful and insightful and they are skilled craftsmen who excel in their industry. You won’t find a more friendly, honest group of skilled plumbers.