Comfort & Conservation Technologies

Like everything else, water has gone high-tech. Well, water itself is still two Hydrogens and an Oxygen, but the way it’s delivered, heated, cleaned, used and gathered has changed a lot. It can be complicated, so we have done the homework and the testing for you. We know what works, what makes sense and what doesn’t pay back.

Twenty-first century plumbing is proof that comfort and conservation can live happily together. You can save a precious resource without living like it’s the 16th century. From what we think is the most comfortable, most cost-effective way to heat your home (radiant floor heating) to the water-saving luxury of recirculated hot water, we believe in “green” systems. Bruner Plumbing is excited about the latest ideas and technologies. We’ll give you expert, honest advice—and then expert, honest service.

Radiant heat piping

  • Hot water recirculation
  • Hydronic radiant heating
  • Water filtration
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Gas piping

I recently had Bruner Plumbing in my home to install a hot water recirculating system to my upstairs master bath. Even though that installation seems to be a fairly complicated process the Bruner team completed the task in one day and I hardly even noticed they were here. The timing on the project couldn’t have been more perfect. Part of the installation required one of the team members to move my washing machine in order to access some hidden plumbing. Good thing! He discovered a bubble about to burst on the water supply line to the washer. He immediately changed the supply hose.

It’s so nice to now have instant hot water to my upstairs bath and a big thank you for saving me from some possible major flooding! Oh yeah, I appreciate that not once did I experience the famed “plumber’s crack” from either of your team members!