Some plumbing issues are pretty obvious — your toilet is doing a good impression of Old Faithful or the bottom has just fallen out of your water heater. Maybe you’re surprised to discover the deep, dark waters of Lake Laundry Room in your basement. Some issues are more subtle — your water bill is growing bigger and you aren’t using any extra water.


So you want to do a project or a home repair yourself, and you are 95 percent confident that you know what you’re doing. We can help with the other 5 percent. If you’re a DIYer taking on something new or something sort of big plumbing-wise, you can call us for a little on-site coaching from an experienced professional.


Whatever your plumbing issue, call us. We’ll be there to help, fast. When you have a plumbing emergency you need calm, expert service, so who better to trust than the people who Make Water Work? We’ll diagnose the problem, explain your options and recommend the best remedy for your budget and for the long-term value of your home. So when water goes wrong, relax, grab the phone and call 503-624-4880. Help is on the way.

Bruner Plumbing has seen us through 4 remodeling and construction projects over the last 20 years. Due to their high professional standards and commitment to value, we have not only used their services repeatedly, but have recommended them to family and friends, as well! It is wonderful to have such a trustworthy, timely and reliable contractor to call upon when in need.

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