Like everything else, water has gone high-tech. Well, water itself is still two Hydrogens and an Oxygen, but the way it’s delivered, heated, cleaned, used and gathered has changed a lot. It can be complicated, so we have done the homework and the testing for you. We know what works, what makes sense and what doesn’t pay back.
T wenty-first century plumbing is proof that comfort and conservation can live happily together. You can save a precious resource without living like it’s the 16th century. From what we think is the most comfortable, most cost-effective way to heat your home (radiant floor heating) to the water-saving luxury of recirculated hot water, we believe in “green” systems. Bruner Plumbing is excited about the latest ideas and technologies. We’ll give you expert, honest advice—and then expert, honest service.

Bruner Plumbing has done the homework and the testing for you. We know what works!

I’ve known Ward Bruner since grade school and worked with Bruner Plumbing for over thirty years. I recommend them highly. As a general contractor my livelihood depends on competent, knowledgeable sub-contractors. I love working with a “family team”, very much like my company. The Bruner Plumbing crew is consistently on time and prepared for the job and they waste no time in getting the job done right. Their communication is thoughtful and insightful and they are skilled craftsmen who excel in their industry. You won’t find a more friendly, honest group of skilled plumbers.

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